About Bahnmann Timber™

Our Company

We have a diverse assortment of raw wood products that will make a distinctive center piece, or add uniqueness and beauty to your larger building project. We provide quality, all local, sustainably-sourced wood to woodworkers of all kinds and also custom mill logs according to your requirements in widths up to 4 ft. Bahnmann Timber is located on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada.

Our Stock

We have live edge slabs for table tops, mantles, islands, vanities, and custom furniture work as well as smaller live edge wood for side tables, charcuterie or cutting boards, and also dimensional lumber. Bahnmann Timber has a wide variety of stock and wood species to choose from each with their characteristic grain and color. Contact us if you have you have a special request or would like to know more about our stock.

Our Milling and
Drying Process

When milling our hardwood and softwood logs we keep an eye out for features that will appeal to wood workers and those who will be enjoying the pieces made from it. We take care to bring out the wood's best character and utility, and also limit waste. Care is taken to reduce moisture content over time, by either air drying , kiln drying or a combination of the two.

Our Philosophy

Bahnmann Timber sources logs at fare market value from wood lot owners whose trees may have been brought down by natural causes, or taken down for safety or other reasons. We enjoy building relationships and appreciate the opportunity to work together within the community to make best use of our wood resources.

Owner Irvin Banman has worked in remove northern communities, has 8 years trucking experience including ice roads and 19 years experience in ecological restoration. He started Bahnmann Timber in 2012 and has built a reputation for great customer service and inspiring wood selection. Since 2001 he has worked on Vancouver Island projects in habitats such as Coastal Douglas Fir forests, Southern Gulf Islands, Garry Oak ecosystems, and estuaries for the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Preserving nature and making the most of local wood resources are the drivers behind his approach. Irvin and his wife Dorothea are the parents of five grown children with 4 grandchildren — so far.

Bahnmann Timber is a supporter of the Ancient Forest Alliance: Working for protection of endangered old-growth forests and sustainable forestry jobs. This means you take part in benefiting our forests by selecting wood for your project from Bahnmann Timber.   We encourage you to visit the Ancient Forest Alliance website to learn about and see how you may be able to support forests, biodiversity, and meaningful jobs.

Contact us today to find ethically sourced wood products for your projects.